Our Expertise

Big Data Analytics:

K3Y is able to design and implement advanced big data analytics in supporting advanced Instruction and Prevention Systems (IDPSs). On top of that, K3Y offers the K3V1S, which is a novel visual-aided IDSP systems based on deep learning and leading visual analytics.

Brand Reputation:

K3y is also focused on brand reputation tools, where it offers market-based social sentiment acquisition solutions for multiple platforms such as Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Penetration Testing:

The so-called K3P3T3 is an innovative penetration testing suite which is able to perform numerous black, white and grey box tests such as death ping attacks, Burp Suite mapping and analysis, Hydra online brute-forcing, Owasp-zap for finding vulnerabilities, Nmap for network scanning and port mapping, Metasploit framework for smart exploitation etc.


K3Y has been working in developing Visualize everything as a service with our latest K3V1S tool in integrating 5G services in a simple toolbox.

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R&D Projects

A platform for testing new security technologies, training defenders, & supporting organisations in security decisions

Fog computing platform that allows for scalability, heterogeneity & security in IoT services & applications.

An integrated software suite capable of providing uniform statistical sampling, audit and defense processes.

Open 5G orchestration platform for the deployment of advanced 5G NetApps for the industrial landscape.

A project which aims to enhance undergraduates’ knowledge and skills on Smart Energy Management Systems.

A holistic fire management ecosystem for the prevention, detection and restoration of disasters

A project aspiring to offer smart beam allocation for vehicle-to-everything communications

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