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RAINBOW 4th Plenary Meeting – Press release

RAINBOW 4th Plenary Meeting The 4th Plenary Meeting of the RAINBOW project took place on 18-19th of May 2021. The event was carried out online and gathered together representatives of the 15 members of the RAINBOW consortium. The project coordinator, UBITECH Ltd, organized and supported the whole process during the 2-days meeting. In the meeting, […]

Key concepts driving the innovative technological axes of the RAINBOW project: Scalable trust establishment & attestation and Geo-distributed data processing

Below you can read a blog post authored by K3Y and originally published at the RAINBOW website. Scalable trust establishment and attestation RAINBOW will include the provision of secure, robust, and efficient run-time behavioural attestation and verification methods to check the internal state of an untrusted fog-based environment towards establishing its trustworthiness and privacy. The […]

FIWARE Cybersecurity day

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, cyber risks continue to rank among global risks. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated technological adoption, yet has exposed cyber vulnerabilities and unpreparedness, while at the same time exacerbated the tech inequalities within and between societies. With the virtual FIWARE Cybersecurity DAY, FIWARE, with the support of […]

SPIDER 5G Cyber Range workshop for EU CERT/CSIRTs

The 1st SPIDER 5G Cyber Range workshop for EU CERT/CSIRTs took place online on Wednesday 21 April 2021. It was attended by more than 20 participants. FORTH was the organizer and the host of this event, while among the participants were representatives from organizations such as BU-CERT, CYPRUS NATIONAL CSIRT, HELLENIC CSIRT and the GR.NET […]