Monthly Archives: March 2022

Webinar: “RAINBOW Security and Trust in Fog Computing” – Outcomes

On February 22, 2022, RAINBOW project successfully held its first technical webinar in the subject of “RAINBOW Security and Trust in Fog Computing”. With data security and privacy being key challenges in Edge and Fog Computing, the event presented to participants the opportunity to learn how Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs), attestation, mechanisms and formal verification […]

DRYADS Project – A Unifying Technological Ecosystem for Integrated Fire Management and Adaptive Forest Restoration in Changing Socio-Ecological Contexts

DRYADS, a large-scale EU Green Deal project, brings together a consortium of 46 partners from 13 European countries and Taiwan, in the fight against wildfires.  DRYADS will increase the effectiveness of enhanced sustainable fire and forest management under changing climate conditions, by building upon state-of-the-art high TRL products and latest innovations in fields covering all […]

Online workshop on “Processing Data in the Fog: The example of the RAINBOW Fog Computing platform” – Press Release

On Monday April 4, 2022 at 16:00 CET the Data & Web Science Laboratory, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the framework of its MSc programme “Data & Web Science” is organizing an online workshop on “Processing Data in the Fog – The example of the RAINBOW Fog Computing platform” with the support of the RAINBOW […]

European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) – Tackling Security Challenges in 5G Networks

Network Function Virtualisation is an important technology in 5G and its security is critical for the overall security of the 5G networks, especially because 5G networks are underpinning critical infrastructures. NFV offers benefits for telecom operators in terms of flexibility, scalability, costs, and network management. However, this technology also introduces new security challenges. The European […]

RAINBOW Platform Stakeholder Analysis: Applications and markets that may benefit from RAINBOW outcomes

Below you can read a blog post authored by K3Y and originally published at the RAINBOW website. Interests and relations, regarding the three categories of stakeholders which analysed in the Blog Post entitled “RAINBOW Platform Stakeholder Analysis: The 3 Categories of Stakeholders”, were investigated further, in order to identify RAINBOW’s key stakeholders, in the Blog […]