K3VIDS© Tool

K3VIDS© Tool

A visual based IDS capable of discriminating 5G cyberattacks.

K3Y’s Visual-based Intrusion Detection System

K3VIDS is a visual-based intrusion detection and prevention solution, which takes full advantage of signature/specification-based methods, Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and visual analytics in order to detect potential intrusions and anomalies

K3VIDS is composed of several detectors and open-source cybersecurity-related sensors, such as Snort, Suricata, Nmap, OpenWAS and honeypot applications, thus providing continuously a plethora of security logs that are normalised and correlated with each other, utilising association rules. With respect to the AI-based detectors, K3VIDS includes a variety of Machine Learning (ML) / Deep Learning (DL) based detectors devoted to recognising cyberattacks and anomalies related mainly to industrial communication protocols like Modbus/TCP, DNP3, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104, MQTT, NTP, SSH and FTP.

K3VIDS platform offers the following services

– Advanced Data Analysis & Visualisation

K3VIDS adopts dimensionality reduction techniques, binary representations and visual analytics in order to discriminate unknown anomalies.

– AI-enabled Anomaly Detection


AI models relying on operational measurements are utilised for recognising potential anomalies.

– Decentralised Architecture


The various detectors and cybersecurity sensors can be deployed in a remote manner individually, while the security events and alerts are stored in a scalable database and visualised by a dynamic dashboard with real-time statistics.

– Large-scale Deployment


K3VIDS has been designed in order to support large-scale industrial environments related to critical infrastructures.

– SDN-enabled Mitigation

Regarding the mitigation activities, K3VIDS takes advantage of the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology, guiding the SDN controller to disrupt and/or re-direct the malicious network flows. Ιf SDN is not supported, then K3VIDS uses mitigation agents that update the firewall configuration based on the information of the security events and alerts.

K3VIDS Benefits



Interactive visualisations
Real-time multiprotocol anomaly detection
Adaptive deployment
Remote and decentralised access
Deep data analysis

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