K3Y-SDN-CD© Tool

K3Y-SDN-CD© Tool

A fault tolerant SDN controller and dashboard.

K3Y’s SDN controller and dashboard.

The K3Y’s Controller & Dashboard represents a fault-tolerant Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution in order to convert traditional Information technology (IT) networks into SDN-enabled IT networks.

An overall SDN testbed is provided with multiple Aruba and Centec SDN switches and industrial equipment, such as Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), development boards (Arduino and Raspberry Pi), Ettus Research USRPs and a High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure (2 x XEON 16C/32T CPUs, 256GB RAM, and 36TB of storage), thus emulating actual industrial environments.

K3Y-SDN-CD platform offers the following services

– Secure and Accessible Network Control

A web-based dashboard allows monitoring and controlling capabilities. It also supports the integration of SDN applications with respect to the security of the SDN network.

– Physical Virtual & Para-virtual Interoperability


The K3Y’s SDN Controller & Dashboard can work with hardware and virtual SDN switches (Open Virtual Switch (OVS)).

– Advanced SDN Plane Oversight

The K3Y’s SDN Controller & Dashboard consists of multiple Ryu controllers coordinated with each other in order to manage the SDN network. If the responsible SDN controller is dropped, an election process is adopted in order to define the master SDN Controller.

– Plug & Play Capability

An appropriate Application Programming Interface (API) is provided with respect to the northbound communications with the SDN applications.

K3Y-SDN-CD Benefits



SDN network visualisation
Interactive configuration
Real-time network responsivity
Smart UI
Dynamic traffic reconfiguration

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