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SPIDER delivers a Cyber Range as a Service platform for testing new security technologies, training cyber defenders in near real-world conditions, and supporting organisations and stakeholders in making optimal cybersecurity investment decisions.

The vision of RAINBOW is to design and develop an open and trusted fog computing platform that facilitates the deployment and management of scalable, heterogeneous and secure IoT services and cross-cloud applications (i.e, microservices).

SANCUS aims to design and develop an analysis software scheme of uniform statistical sampling, audit and defence processes. SANCUS scheme will be delivered as an integrated software suite that will revolutionize the European research efforts.

5G-INDUCE targets the development of an open, 5G orchestration platform for the deployment of advanced 5G NetApps. The platform allows the definition and modification of application requirements, while the underlay intelligent OSS can expose network capabilities to the end users on the application level without revealing any infrastructure information.

JAUNTY aims to enhance undergraduate students’ knowledge and skills on Smart Energy Management Systems, in order to address urgent technological challenges and needs of high-qualified personnel in the ICT and energy sector. JAUNTY’ s concept has been built in the basis of providing distant courses and labs in order to offer the opportunity to students deriving from disadvantaged backgrounds, to gain an international educational experience from home.

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